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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Google is undoubtedly ,omnipresent on Internet .Whether you are online or not, doesn't matter, Google will find you/your mention somewhere. Wouldn't it be a disaster that some of your potential customer deciding not to do business with you because he/she "Googled" you & what he found was not so flattering? What's being said, published or mentioned online is your online reputation and its crucial to your business. Your online reputation can make or break your business.

Why you need it?
It's the era of World Wide Web.You& your business is & will be a part of this www mania.

In today's time, business is judged by what appears about it on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It may be right or wrong /true or false but it holds immense influence over the decisions of millions of internet users. The negative review or listings may originate from any sources, ranging from your competitor to an unsatisfied customer,but bottom line is that it impacts your innumerable potential clients ,investors & your fans.


This calls for immediate action on your behalf to:

Plunge the internet of any false or wrong info.

Ensure that negative listing of your business are taken as far away from the eyes of your customer as possible.

Proactive measures being taken to build a positive online reputation for your business.

Every potential business partner/employee/customer/investor is going to go to "Google" to check you out to understand your business better.Its important that you make sure "They like what they see".

What is Online Reputation ?
In short, every single resource available online about you & your business constitutes your "Online Reputation".These resources can mention your business in positive/negative light depending on their content,writer& objective.

How Online Reputation Management (ORM) or Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) Helps?
SERM or ORM is a strategy that bails out the business from any Reputation Crisis or Situation they are facing.

Build a systematic & thorough system to protect your Reputation from any future threats or damage.

How Online Reputation Management (ORM) Works?

The Key to a Good ORM Strategy is to have an aggressive SEO which helps :
1.To boost the rankings of the website by optimizing the web content.
2.Pushing the "troublemaker" website out of the top position, relegating it to the third,forth or fifth page of search engines.

In short,when Internet users look for info on your company,they find your website having good ranking & the other sites carrying negative info don't catch their eye.

What we provide?
Step1:Understanding your business.

Step2:Identifying Problems, Negative Listings by "Active Monitoring of Content" & "Proactive Reputation Management".This can be done by various processes such as Removing & Neutralizing Negative Search Results,Creating Sister & Micro Sites, Building & Enhancing Social Media Exposure, Quality Link Building, Creating Blogs, Multimedia Platforms , Press Releases ,Creating Syndicated Articles, Participating in Industry Specific Blogs/Forums to name a few.

Step3: Progress of all the proactive & active measures are checked & adjusted accordingly.

Step4: Generating Monthly Reports in a summarized & easy to read format for your monitoring.

Repairing & Building an Online Reputation needs continuous & consistent efforts; not just quick fixes that lose traction once the contract terms have been fulfilled.

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