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Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services:

In INDIA, Average Time Spent by The India Userson the Social Network are 3 hours per month while Google gets 1 hour 50 minutes per month.

Today,it's a well-known fact that Social Media plays an important role in reflecting the trends,choices of consumers.The Social Media played an integral role in the 2014 prime ministerial elections & it was harnessed to the most optimum level by the contenders.Businesses,big or small can't afford to underestimate the power of Social Media as part of their branding & advertising activities.

SMO or Social SEO as it is known is the set of strategies being made to attract unique visitors to your website via Social Media &its all about generating a "BUZZ" to create magnetic attraction & visibility for your brand,product or services.Improved search ranking is also one of the benefits of successful SMO.SMO also works just like traditional advertising in physical world. Its all about engaging audience,creating a rapport,building networks & using "word-of-mouth" to gain more audience & spread your message.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is also an integral part of Online Reputation Management strategy for organisations & individuals caring about their online presence.

The Power Of Social Media can be judged by the number of users:
Facebook has 1230 million users
Twitter has 645 million users
Myspace 260 million users

How does SMO differ from SEO?.
SEO & SMO,both work with the common goal of driving unique visitors to the website.While SEO works on obtaining visitors via search engines,SMO works on obtaining customers via Social Media.

Hence both SEO & SMO are critical for a website to succeed. Both complement each other & provide astounding success to the website when implemented in tandem.

The most popular Social Media Channels are Facebook,Twitter,Google+,MySpace,Pinterest to name a few.

Types of SMO:

On-site SMO:
Certain Social Media Features can be embedded on the website itself such as :
RSS Feeds
FB page link
Sharing/Like Buttons
User reviews
User's Ratings about new product/service
Engagement initiatives etc.

Off-site SMO:

The Off-Site SMO Features include:

Participation in discussions & forums.
Joining Social Networks
Viral Advertising
Press Releases
Facebook Page Creation & Maintenance
Twitter Page Creation & Maintenance
Flickr Photo Slides Setup & Monitoring
YouTube Videos Account Setup & Monitoring
Creation & Circulation of Well-Written Research Articles.

Advantages of SMO:

Influencing customer's opinion about your business & your brand.
Creating Brand Awareness amongst wider audience & social networks.
Driving quality traffic to your website from the social networking sites.
Improvement of search ranking due to improvement of link popularity.
An opportunity to connect with the client like never before,as you can reach out to a number of prospects you could not even imagine before.
Synergising the SEO & Internet Marketing Campaigns for the website.
Helps in gaining non-reciprocal links.
Higher chances to generate enhanced returns on your investment.
Gets your clients,prospects& fans at one place.
Most importantly,SMO is live & interactive.Unlike traditional marketing,it won't only gets you in touch with your audience,it also allows you to get the most crucial feedback from clients in much lesser time or in real time.
SMO allows for customer engagement even after purchase has been made,helping you keep him updated always.

What we provide:
Step1:We understand your brand,your expectation & objectives from the SMO strategy.
Step2:Create High Quality Persuasive Content reflecting right brand sentiment for your brand via social networking sites.
Step3:As rightly said,"A first impression is the last impression",the first look of your profile page is crucial for your company or brand image.We design an exclusive profile image for you,which will help you make that "WOW"impression you will vouch for.
Step4:UndertakingOngoing Engagement Activities to grow your social media visibility & create a positive brand image.
Step5: Monitoring the performance & results, then suitable action & strategy for further reach of campaign to its optimum potential.
Step6:Sending Regular Reports & updates.

Why you need us?

We create a right combination of visibility, branding, awareness of your product, brand via Social Media & our works include:
Creating profile & accounts on few hundred social networking sites.
Making customised designs & personalizing your accounts.
Excellent content writing for backing up your account.
Making the look & feel of the entire setup professional.
Frequent & regular posting on these accounts.
Ensuring prompt & regular customer interaction on these sites.
Synchronising all these accounts amongst themselves & with your main business website.
Regular posting & networking.
Showing immense patience & perseverance to execute the strategy because Social Media works slowly.
Ensuring that the brand image is not tarnished & maintain clean reputation on these social networks.

If you need to know more about SMO,just fill up the "Contact Form" & we will contact you soon or you can call us on +91 93211 77663 to get in direct touch with us for speedy interactions.
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