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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting ones website rank higher on various search engines such as Googe,Yahoo, Bing etc.

As per the survey ,while using a search engine, very few people look beyond the first top few provided links .At the most, they will venture to the second page, but rarely beyond that. In fact, 99% of searchers do not go beyond that page.

The Diagram below shows the correct statistics about the traffic or clicks a website gets, based on its rankings on the Search Engine page.

(Statistics taken from AOL Report)
SEO Services Company

Everyday millions of people use search engines such as Google to find relevant information such as product/services & many other queries. And these users are increasing every passing day.90% of the surfers only visit the link that appears on the first page of the results, which has made SEO a very important tool for boosting your rankings on the Search Results Page.

How does it work?
Every Search Engines has its own set of algorithm to determine the ranking order of a given keyword for different websites.

In very basic terms, the two types of optimization helps your website gain ranking & popularity: On Page Optimization & Off Page Optimization.

The on page optimization revolves around changing "meta data" such as Meta title, description, keywords etc. to reflect better relevancy for targeted keywords. This ensures that your site puts the most relevant face forward or relevant keywords to the Search Engine.

Once the on page optimization is done, then off page optimization comes to play.

Each & every links pointing to your website increases the strength, trust, authority& relevancy of the website.

Our Daily works include building a variety of links into your site in a diverse & organic way to help build strength & relevancy which will boost the ranking of your site for your targeted keywords in an efficient way.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization
Sales Booster:SEO helps you boost your sales much higher.

Improve SERP:SEO helps you achieve a high rank on search engine results page (SERP) which helps targeted visitors to visit your site.

Beat Your Competitors:Organic SEO will aid your business in leaping ahead of your competitors in terms of increased web presence, web traffic & consequently overall profits & sales.

Many other advantages include Best ROI, Greater Brand Visibility, Creating Positive Impression ,Generate Online Reputation, Brand Building to name a few.

How We Work:

Step 1:Detailed SEO report: We generate a detailed report of your site, checking out the basic structure & understanding the basic fundamentals of your site.

Step2: Understanding your Business & Strategic Planning: Since every Business is unique ,our experts work on understanding the business as well as site thoroughly, so that we can come up with personalized solutions designed keeping your business & website in focus.

Step3: Keyword& Competitor Analysis: Detailed Keyword research, Analysis & Segmentation helps us shortlist the best keywords for you based on their monthly searches, search frequency & relevancy to your business & website.

Step4:Website Recommendation: After a thorough study of the site ,our experts work on creating relevant Meta tags & other html tags for your website to improve its crawlier friendliness, generating top quality content & modifying preexisting content if needed & making site navigation easier for visitors as well as search engines.

Step 5:Link Building & Development for Website: Off page Optimization, Link Building, Directory Submission ,Article Creation ,Article Syndication are done to boost the rankings & Guaranteed Results are seen when the submissions are carefully done to include those with high domain authority.

Step6: Continued Monitoring & Optimization: Plan, Implement & Analyze. Again Plan Implement & Analyze is a continuous process to to do a Successful SEO for a site. With changing trends, techniques& regular updates by Search Engines, our experts leave no stone unturned to ensure that the site maintains top rankings on the search engine.

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